Representing years of formal training experience in hydrogeology and the environmental sciences, Exeter Environmental has been providing hazardous waste and groundwater services for nearly three decades. Exeter Environmental was established in 1990 by environmental scientist Steve Shope, who holds a B.S. in Geology and an M.A. in Hydrology. Shope continues to invest his experience and formal training in Exeter Environmental in order to solve and prevent contamination problems. Exeter Environmental conduct a range of hydrogeologic testing to facilitate property transactions and the establishment and maintenance of land trusts.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Exeter Environmental specializes Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), both Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. When providing an Environmental Site Assessment, Exeter Environmental begins with the investigation of soil and groundwater contamination problems, identifying potential environmental problems that may threaten the security of a loan or expose the buyer, insurer, or lender to extensive liabilities. Exeter Environmental furnishes recommendations based on assessing risk (viz. whether there is oil or other regulated materials present which may pose a threat to human health or to the environmental, in which case the owner may be exposed to remedial action taken by regulatory agencies. Exeter Environmental helps homeowners and businesses manage problems in order to proceed with transactions and general operations.

The state recognizes Exeter Environmental as a Licensed Site Professional (LSP), with whom they entrust competent and high-quality cleanup of contaminated areas, as well as Environmental Site Assessments. LSPs are charged with performing Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for small and large sites being purchased or refinanced. These site assessments help banks and homeowners avoid liability. Exeter Environmental educates all clients regarding the value, extent, and scope of services rendered.

High-Quality, Expedient Investigations

Exeter Environmental provides a broad range of hydrogeological and environmental assessment services to private businesses, insurance companies, land protection agencies, financial institutions, environmental consultants, and the government.

Exeter Environmental offers many advantages over other environmental firms and is chiefly distinguished by its commitment to providing high-quality and expedient investigations. All projects include reports tailored to each client and written to ensure transparency and thoroughness. Exeter Environmental takes pride in educating clients about the value and methods of its services and it’s Phase I ESAs and Phase II ESAs.

Groundwater Impact Studies

Exeter Environmental has decades of combined experience in assessing potential impacts of underground storage tank (UST) facilities, releases of gasoline and fuel oil, commercial and industrial facilities, gravel mining operations, and sanitary landfills. Moreover, Exeter Environmental takes pride in maintaining close working relationships with state regulatory officials and local engineering firms.

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