LSP Services & Remedial Oversight

A Licensed Site Professional (LSP) is a cleanup professional licensed by the state of Massachusetts to oversee any investigation or cleanup that may be required to address contamination. Exeter Environmental has been providing LSP services since 1996, and Mr. Steven Shope is an LSP in the state of Massachusetts.

A list of projects completed by Exeter Environmental is available online using the following link.

Over the years, we have developed a specialty of assisting residential homeowners with cleanups resulting from a release of home heating oil. Oftentimes the release originates from a corroded oil feed line or from the corrosion on the bottom of the tank itself. The release may be related to the temporary pressurization of the tank during a recent fill event or even the accidental overfilling of the tank. If the release originated from an oil feed line, it may not be obvious if it is beneath the concrete basement floor. It is important that a release be addressed immediately so it does not migrate beyond the footprint of the foundation or beneath the structure itself.

In addition to residential fuel oil cleanups, Exeter Environmental supervises the remediation of releases at gasoline stations, industrial facilities, underground storage tanks and from vehicle accidents including truck rollovers.

Please contact us if you require assistance with an oil release at your home or business or any other LSP services.